Sunday, 13 June 2010


If you like dogs, and lots of 'em, Woofstock is the place for you. Dogs and people were abundantly represented at St. Lawrence Market this Saturday, grey skies notwithstanding. From Great Danes to teacup Yorkies, from "naked" to costumed, it was a regular pup-apalooza. The skies finally opened mid-afternoon, right about the time we would be packing up, anyway. The event carried on today (Sunday) as well, which was rain-free. Hope everyone who went had fun, and all their shots.

A few brave souls wandered off the beaten path of Front and Market Streets to find me toward the back of the Park and make my day worthwhile, millinerilly speaking.

My shots (photographic) were limited, as all my camera batteries died. Even the spares. Here are the few I did manage to get.

These doggies, Kelsey and Quin, are staying at the King Edward Hotel, giving new meaning to the expression, "it's a dog's life."

Sandra in her new grey Trilby. Which was modeled earlier by...

Zoe, with Kayla and Donna.

Corinne looks quite dashing in her new peacock-trimmed chapeau with the bead and sequin motifs. And Michelle took home a grey silk calla lily headband.

This dachshund is Mila. She came back dressed in a centipede costume.

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