Sunday, 20 June 2010

Fearful Summitry

St. Lawrence Market was its usual self this Saturday, but we're bracing for whatever upheaval the G20 Summit next weekend will wreak. I hear the police have suggested to the farmers in the North Market that they may prefer to cancel their trips into town next Saturday, since highway travel will be made more interesting/challenging by the eighty-odd motorcades scheduled. A nearby bank has received a shipment of plywood with which to barricade its windows. Sheesh...

All the excitement will be taking place some distance west of the Market, except for the big pen they've built for the detainees from Queen's Park, and the downtown convention centre. That's southeast of the Market, along Eastern Avenue, in case you're planning to storm the barricades. Alons, enfants de la patrie...

Frankly, it's all too much to contemplate for me. I will not be at the Market next Saturday. I will be back Saturday, July 3 (barring monsoons) as usual.

Anyhoo, back to yesterday. It was quite nice, especially after the weather made a commitment to behave and the sun came out to stay. Nice people from near and far came by, as usual. I didn't get nearly as much work done as I'd planned to, as usual.

Salome Cordeiro had a table nearby, as she often does. She is as multi-talented artist who lends a hand to the same folks I do. So we're stablemates. Or something. Salome was selling some fabulous creatures she's made, "scalarags and sock imps", at least some of which were very, ahem, cheeky.

Amy (left) and Jocelyn gracing a brace of hair clips.

Emma-Rose, looking lovely in her aptly chosen hairband.

From the left we have Jane, Sydney, Lauren and Casey, four charming girls.

Salome and a bevy of her creatures. Please note that the sock she is holding up was made from a pair of kids' socks. A tiny thing made into a teeny thing.

Cheeky devil!

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