Monday, 7 June 2010

Amnesia Day

Whew! It's been a busy week. On Monday, as previously posted, I went to the Dundas museum to see the glorious hats display. The next day I went to Lake Simcoe to visit a client, who happens to be my best friend's mum. A delightful afternoon. Gorgeous weather again, but the lake was too cold to get wet in. I hope to rectify that when I bring the completed hat that was commissioned. More busyness ensued, millinery and non, then before I knew it, it was Saturday and I was back to the Market once again.

I blame all this for me being too ditzy to write down the names of two of my photo subjects. If they see this, I hope they will be so kind as to email me so I can put their names next to their photos.

It was another good day, thanks to all the lovely people who bought hats or accessories for themselves or their sisters or daughters. There was a lot of love in evidence, very heart-cockle-warming. And what goes around, comes around.

What a little cutie.

This anitpodean elfin sophisticate's name eludes me. If she sees this, I do hope she'll email me to refresh my memory.

Katherine, right, bought her twin sister Libby the hairband she is wearing. The lime green silk looks great with Libby's colouring.

Melody's mother, in a matching outfit, bought her this hat. They were on their fifth annual Girls Trip, with other girls of their family, where they get together to visit new places and spend some quality time. Because life is short!

Next week at St. Lawrence Market it's Woofstock. If you likes you some pooches, come on down!

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