Friday, 17 April 2015

Picture Perfect Karen Pasieka

My friend Karen Pasieka is a talented sculptor in polymer clay. Her Subtle Details booth brightens up many local craft sales. At Heintzman House she bought one of my cozy, slouchy toques some time ago, which was wonderful of her. Now she's jazzed it up with some of her delightful blossom and ranunculus brooches.

Not only that, she made the top photo in this post her Facebook profile picture. How friendly is that?

I am thrice blessed. Karen invested in my work, she rocks it, and she made it her own with selections of her own art.

Besides making me feel so lucky and grateful, Karen's photos remind me of how many people over the years have bought my work and look so great in it. Time to create a new blog page of real people wearing Hats by Anne, by Anne Livingston, Milliner.

I'll go work on that.

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