Thursday, 3 July 2014

Wychwood is Good

Last Saturday I was among the curated selection of artists and artisans at the Wychwood Barns arts and crafts show. They do this on the last Saturday of every month from May to October at the wonderful old streetcar barns Artscape saved from demolition and repurposed into an artsy community space. Read all about it here.

Souvenir of the barns' past.

The day was sunny and very warm, so it was nice to be sheltered from the sun inside the barn. The weekly farmers' market was happening outside, with its typical assortment of stylish health and deliciousness. Little kids were having a painting class in the tiny front garden of one of the resident artists. It's such a charming scene there.

It's been weeks since I sold my wares at a market, so the change was welcome. My neighbours at this show are always delightful, and this time was no exception. Juli Lyons was to my right, very friendly and very talented. She's a photographer and I loved her work, much of which was dramatic shots of Woodbine Beach, my neck of the woods. On my left was Marissa O'Neill, who makes lovely, simple silver pieces, beautifully displayed. My friend Roberto Riveros, another photographer, was also there with prints of his photos of iconic local locales, aided by his son, the awesomely named Severus. (Not the least bit Snapey, I must add.) It's rare that I don't meet someone I know amongst the talent at these shows. I love that.

It was another successful day, with lots of visitors to my space, kind words and sales. If you want to know when I will be there next, please subscribe to my newsletter by filling out the form on the sidebar to the right. (I only send one when I have something to say, not weekly or monthly.)

On with the show!

My table, auspiciously positioned in front of the fab old photo of the flapper, high on the wall behind.

Izzy, my first customer of the day, in one of her two new hairbands. I wish my mother had let me dress myself like this when I was Izzy's age. I love idiosyncratic style in la jeunesse.

Natasha took home one of my sea grass caps. They're great for simple style that's so easy to wear and live with.

Ann chose this "Lily Garbo" style in pink. Wonderful for shade over the face and a pretty, feminine shape.

The wonderful moment when a baby notices a mirror for the first time. I'm so glad Liam chose mine! Watching him watch himself was fascinating. Dad Damian is doing the holding.

Same mirror, different kid. This is Zoe in her new hairband, and her dad.

This little girl was enjoying the Gatsby fascinators, so I offered to take her picture. So she worked it. It starts so young...

Joelle was another junior fascinator fancier.

Speaking of green, here is another dress-up pic. With her colouring? Sublime!

(So sorry not to have recorded the name. Send it to me and I'll rectify that!)

I made a break for it in a quiet moment to venture outside and see what the farmers were up to. Their necks in customer, is what.

Gregory Hill of Wicklow Way. Wonderful bread in homey round loaves, baked in their own brick oven at their farm. Excellent everything I tasted. I visited their website later. Greg and his wife sound so interesting and they are doing many fine things, including providing a home for bees. He's a woodworker. I wish he'd corner the market on Canadian-made hat block manufacturing...

It was a hot day to be this guy, that's for sure. I'm glad he was in the shade for this moment.

Helen was delightful company. We had a nice chat and she eventually chose this grey silk disk band, for just the right amount of oomph.

Spent some quality time with Natalie and her excellent T-shirt. How I enjoy wordplay. She was here with her family from Wainfleet. Her mother, Wendy Malowany, was selling her paintings. Had a lovely chat later with Wendy and her husband. Natalie obligingly posed in this skimpy fuchsia number at my request. I think she looks quite smashing in it.

And so we bid a fond farewell to Wychwood Barns.

Just a heads up to stay tuned to this blog. The next post will be major. Something big is about to happen in my millinery career, and my subscribers already know what it is. Next week I'll tell you all about it. Intrigued? I do hope so!

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