Sunday, 3 March 2013

You Can Always Go... Downton*

* with apologies to Petula Clark

Like most people of the cloth (by which, of course, I mean people who sew and love costumes), I'm a huge sucker for "Downton Abbey." High class soap is all it is, really, but the class is very high, indeed (and lower, and middle). Fabulous era for style (currently in the story it's England in the 1920's). Breathtaking scale and sumptuous production values. Lots of "Yay!" and "Boo! Hiss!" opps. Lots and lots of eye candy. And, to top it all off, Dame Maggie Smith, as Violet Dowager Countess of Grantham, to say just the best possible thing at the best possible moment.


I would die (or, at the very least, plotz) to be a milliner for that show. But until that happens (or pigs fly, whichever comes first), I made a grey felt Breton that satisfied my Downton itch. For now.

I can see Mrs. Crawley wearing this. What do you think?

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