Saturday, 9 February 2013

With Jessica's Compliments

Last summer a lovely young lady visited my table at St. Lawrence Market. Jessica was quite taken by my straw scrap and raffia braid hair bands, and chose one for herself.

And I'm so glad she did! She looks amazing in it.

Jessica and her husband were in Toronto from their home in Hawaii visiting family. After returning home, she emailed me to say how much she liked her band, how many compliments she was getting whenever she wore it, and to purchase another she had tried on. I mailed it to her, but it was not quite as she remembered, so she returned it, and I made her a custom band instead. This one was the charm, and is now living a blissful life in Hawaii on Jess's pretty head.

(I always say my work lives much more interesting lives than I do. Not that I'd necessarily want to live on Jess's pretty head, but the broader locale is ideal. Especially lately, am I right, eastern seaboard??)

The thing about this episode that really knocks my socks off is that Jess wanted to support my work so much that she spent about as much on the shipping as the item itself cost. Also, she happens to be very creative herself. (Check out her lovely blog to see for yourself.) She could probably have made something similar for herself, but she chose to have me make it instead. What a huge compliment that is!

Jess loves the new band, and the compliments keep flowing her way. She very kindly sent me these gorgeous photos, taken by her photographer friend Gee, and has allowed me to share them with you.

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