Friday, 27 May 2011

Henriette and Anne Visit My Home Showroom

Last Christmas, Anne (another one) and her siblings wanted to give their mother, Henriette, something special. As Henriette is a longtime hat lover, a gift certificate from a milliner was a natural choice.

Just today Anne brought her very stylish mother to my home showroom. Another room reveal, another "Wow!" (My favourite one-syllable word.) We were all prepared for measurements and custom order taking, but no! Henriette found a couple of ready-made hats she liked very much that fit her needs for everyday, plus one a that's little fancier. She looks fabulous in both of them, and I am honoured to dress that elegant head!

Henriette models the black and white checked hat she eventually chooses, while Anne takes her picture. The hat reminded them of the decor of a room in their family's past, which Anne's siblings are expected to "get" once they see it.

I neglected to snap Henriette modeling her new Trilby. (If I'm really lucky, maybe she or Anne will send me such a photo???)

Trying on a grey linen striped bucket with safety pin trim

Checking Anne's photos

Playing dress-up in "Mean Mr. Mustard"

Anne playing dress-up in my sinamay fascinator. Her shirt demanded she try it on.

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