Sunday, 8 August 2010

Summer and Smoke

Yesterday there was a free corn roast at St. Lawrence Market. Gorgeous day for it, too. Last summer it took place only on the south side, and I never encountered it. This year they had it on both sides of Front Street. I was situated very close by.

They built a big, wood-burning fire next to the fountain, with no chimney. It produced a great deal of smoke. It smelled great for the first little while, until you noticed how much your eyes were stinging. It also produced a great deal of ash, which blew about in large chunks and settled everywhere.

The corn roast was very popular. There was a long lineup the whole time, which snaked right in front of my hat display. These folks were not hat customers. If there were any out there, they had a lot of people to wiggle through to get to my display. I guess that's why they didn't. It was also became pretty claustrophobic for us vendors, hemmed in by the press of humanity.


Fortunately, a kind universe favoured me with a very good day before the conflagration of the corn began. Herewith the photographic souvenirs:

Denise Dufour, a returning customer (my absolutely favourite kind), chose two new hats for herself. Here she is in a black and white gingham with zipper tape trim.

A real hat fan, Michelle fell immediately in love with my Balenciaga-ish chapeau. Add why shouldn't she? It was a millinery class project that earned a very high mark. It's great to see it find such an appreciative new owner. My mother will miss it, though. It was her favourite.

People. Lots and lots of people. Lots and lots of waiting. Note the tarpaulin my best beloved, Scott, has rigged in a desperate bid to block out the smoke.

Samantha knows what she likes. She chose this hat to model while waiting in line with her dad, Darryl.

A rare, behind-the-gridwall view of the sea of humanity slowly filing by my display.

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