Sunday, 15 August 2010

Neutrality Agreement

It was all about natural linen colour yesterday. Every hat I sold was that delicious shade. Chic, timeless, flattering, neutral, easy to wear, goes with everything. I love using that colour.

St. Lawrence Market was much nicer without all the wood smoke from last week, if you ask me. A quick survey of some of my textile crafting neighbours featured the word Febreeze as the common denominator. All is well, though; no lasting ill effects were bemoaned. All my hats needed to recuperate was a breath of fresh air in our back yard.

The weather was just great -- not too hot, which was a lovely surprise, given the infernal forecast. Of course, we tend to be lucky where we're situated, with the lake breezes wafting up Market Street. And the rain held off, too. Lots of foot traffic, sensibly taking advantage of the luscious bounty offered by the farmers of the North Market next door to us crafters. I bought some divine French haricots verts from the Handsome Farmer. (I can't tell you which one that is, because I don't want to hurt the feelings of the other farmers.) And peaches and strawberries and tomatoes and kale. And sexy, stinky, runny cheese from the South Market. Life is good. (I almost typed "Life is food." An apt Freudian slip.)

Lots of visitors came by, which is so great. I love having a regular gig at a regular spot, so people can drop by knowing you'll be there. Friends, family (bearing home-baked goodies! Thanks, Kathy!), returning customers. It's very gratifying and a good way to feel rich.

Herewith the weekly photo parade:

Lovely Lucie was the first to try on my new gambler-ish straw. No one looked better in it, either.

Gail models her new, bespoke linen bucket hat with the pleated details. She says she likes it even better than the coral linen one she bought earlier this season. Thanks, Gail!

Linda in her new wide-brimmed natural linen hat. And a new, bespoke Trilby will follow.

Anne (easy name to remember!) in her new linen bucket. Don't they look happy together?

Pretty Adria in her pretty, sprigged band. Excellent choice!

Looking ahead to fall/winter, Katrinka models her woolly bow band. It says Minnie Mouse, but in a good way.


  1. Loving my hat, thanks Anne!

  2. My pleasure, Anne! Thanks for the comment!