Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hearts and Flowers

Love is in the air, and it looks a lot like snow. I'm telling myself that so I think of all the snowdrifts as accumulations of affection. Because otherwise, it's just a whole lot of street-clogging inconvenience beyond our control.

The calendar proceeds regardless of atmospheric conditions, reminding us that Valentine's Day is next week and we'd better get our warm, fuzzy feelings on. Chocolate helps. Special events may, too. Maybe you have one coming up on your personal calendar that warms your heart with sweet anticipation.

In that spirit I've created a mini collection of Valentine fascinators, available now at the Arts Market, 846 College Street at Ossington. It's a sweetheart of a deal, too: just $25 each!

If you have somewhere to go this Cupid-ridden season that's a perfect excuse for millinery folly, maybe one of these confections of felt and sinamay would satisfy that sartorial sweet tooth:

And I'm at your service for custom creations, too. But if it's for Valentine's, better contact me quick!

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