Saturday, 18 December 2010

401 Redux the Second

It was a long four days at the 2010 401 Richmond Street Artisans Marketplace, but I survived. The weather was on the warm side, and often drizzly. Not so very Christmassy, but not a blizzard, either, which we were half expecting for Sunday.

Two other vendors and I were on hand to decorate here and there on the building's main floor on the preceding Tuesday. And when I say I, I really mean they. And when I say they, I mean Marina Babic, creator of beautiful, fine jewelry, and Leslie Peters of Opal Owl, energy healing practitioner and creator of fantastic talismans. I knew what had to be done, and they did it. (Honestly, it was their idea!) And we were done very quickly, thanks to Carol Greaves's having figured it all out last year.

Friday was enlivened by a late-afternoon fire alarm which we were told was not a drill. Little kids from the daycare were paraded out. Reluctant to leave our tables, a kind lady came by to babysit them for us while we exited the building and enter the rainy street. Trucks came, sirens blaring, and we waited while they went in and almost as promptly came back out. Then we went back in and sent the nice lady on her way. No sign of smoke or anything, fortunately.

I asked the super what happened. Seems someone in the coach house with a welding torch set off the alarm. (There's a coach house? Who knew?)

This year's show was slower than last year's. I heard that from vendors I know about other shows this season, too.

My vendor neighbours were lovely, as is so often, and so fortunately, the case. On my right in our hallway location there was Alison of Grace Design, who makes beautiful accessories from rare obi and kimono fabrics. To my left was Doreen Dotto who was introducing uKloo (pronounced "you-clue"), an awesome reading/treasure hunt game for little kids. She developed it for her own son who was too wiggly to settle down with a book when he was learning to read. Now he's a university English major, so I guess the game works. Doreen had a steady stream of friends and relations come by, charming and supportive people all. To her left was Dan Nolan and his beautiful stained and fused glass. He's been making it for years and his expertise and artistry is very apparent in his work. His lovely daughter Clair joined him on Sunday. (That's her beaming out from Dan's table.) And Marina was on his left. More vendors were in a big gallery.

That wrapped up my sales season. But stay tuned, because millinery doesn't sleep!


Alison of Grace Design's friend, whose name I do not write down. (Bad milliner! No buckram!) But if she emails me, I'll rectify that tout de suite.

Max, the stylin' baby.

Another Alison, Doreen's friend, in a poorboy cap par moi. Merci, Alison!

Shelly, in her new poorboy.

My table.

Heather, in "Cherry Darling." I don't always name my hats, but this time I did. Aren't they an attractive couple?

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