Sunday, 14 November 2010

Heintzman House Ushers In the Holiday Season

Heintzman House looked very pretty in its seasonal finery this weekend. Talented crafters of many kinds filled its three historical floors for the 39th Annual Craft Show and Sale, and there was a steady stream of visitors both days to shop and sup in the charming tea room the wonderful ladies of the Auxilliary had set up. Saturday's weather was so gorgeous that some summer-loving guy strolled through in shorts and sandals. (No socks, you'll be glad to hear.)

Les chapeaux, Scott and I were in the same upstairs room as we had at the Boutique Sale there last May, and fortunate enough to share with one of the same neighbours, the lovely and talented Wendy, stained and fused glass artist. Her wares sparkled by the window (Wendy's a canny display space selector). Our other roommate was Janice, who makes life-sized dolls dressed in real kids' clothes -- Ceilidh's Kidz. (You'll notice they rocked my poorboy caps, too.) She and her friend Luella were very nice and lots of fun. And those Kidz just flew out of there, adopted into loving new homes. Way to go, Janice! More about my two neighbours later.

It was a very nice weekend, and the ever supportive and always indispensable Scott and I had a great time. Many thanks to the lovely folks who stopped and shopped. If you haven't been to this sale before, please try to do so next year, if you possibly can. It's juried for quality and diversity and it rocks! A big thank you to the Auxilliary members, led by Sabina Margitta, who did a splendid job of organizing and being ever gracious.

Lots of nice people came by to look at, try on and buy hats, like the ones in the collage at the top of this post. And...

A United Empire Loyalist lady, a.k.a. Diane

Sabina Margitta of the Auxilliary, fearless leader of the show.

Scott, the indispensable one. Transportation captain, chief roadie, and indefatigable moral support.

Wendy, glass alchemist extraordinaire.

Janice, and one of her well-behaved "babies."

Luella, Janice's friend.

My table.

Wendy's table.

Janice's "kidz".

Jacqui Uza came from LaSalle, Ontario, with her gorgeous vintage style purses, which she knits (!) and beads herself. She sells them, in person, all over the world. She'll be at Branksome Hall's seasonal craft show, Plaid Tidings, next weekend.

The name of this lovely young purchaser of the pictured hairband somehow got lost in the shuffle. My apologies. Please email me, o mystery girl, and I'll add your name forthwith.

Mary, a real cutie-pie.

Helen looked radiant in her new red Trilby.

Jeannie had me take her photo with her own camera, to capture how I styled her hat on her head. Clever!

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