Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Farewell to Summer

This was really the last weekend of the summer, and once again, the weather was spectacular. A teeny nip in the air on Saturday morning, but warm enough for backyard parties later.

This was also my last Saturday for the season in the "Park" at St. Lawrence Market , the area between Front and King on the west wall of the North Market. And what a glorious send-off I had! Sheila, my friend and fellow milliner came by, as did hatty blogger Darla Sycamore, which was fun. Otherwise, I was preparing myself for a philosophical moment of accepting fortune's vagaries (i.e: sales were slow), and went in search of a consolatory pizza slice. As I did so, Scott, my best beloved, sought me out to tell me someone at my table wanted to buy four hats! So the pizza and I went flying back to find Karen, who had been by earlier, and who clearly knew a good millinery deal when she saw one. She absolutely made my day.

After next weekend (when I won't be there for once) the tents are coming down and the Saturday craft vendors who remain will be vying for the few carts on Front Street, or on Market Street, which runs south off Front on the west wall of the South Market. So please look for me in both places on nice Saturdays in October, because I'm not sure where I'll be.

From top to bottom:

Karen, day-maker

Abby, who reminded me of Kate Hudson, especially in this hat. She didn't buy it...

...which left it available for Christine, who will be taking it back to Florida with her (note to self: must start map/pin system to track millinery world domination progress...)

Rachelle, rocking her new hairband with grey flannel rosies

Sheila and yours truly

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