Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cloche Encounters

Summer is over, which is too bad because I was really enjoying it. So is my Mac Fab student discount, which almost makes me cry. I really enjoyed that, too. As my last millinery course isn't scheduled until January, I was unable to score a new discount card for this school year. And Mac Fab is the only place to go in town for many millinery necessities, things like hoods and capelines, or raw hat shapes for blocking. And I've noticed that a Fabricland discount card is no help at all at Mac Fab.

Thanks you for joining me for my pity party. Now on to happier things.

With the tuition money I would have spent this term, I've been buying hat blocks and stands. They're filling up the bookcase my ex-neighbour kindly threw out prior to moving to Prague (thanks, Barb) and which my significant other rescued from the rain and painted for me (thanks, Scott). I bought a couple of felt hoods with the last gasp of my student discount, and have blocked one this one on one of my new blocks, as displayed on one of my new stands. Every stitch of the hat is done by hand. It is available for sale at Studio 998, 998 Bathurst Street (thanks, David).

The straw cloche I made in my last class found a new home! One of my favourite clients bought it. It looks like it was made for her. Thanks, Tricia!

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