Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Seeing Spots

Have you ever noticed how your day can have a leitmotif? A theme or subject that keeps popping up that makes you take notice, no matter how random or quirky? Or maybe it's just me.
Last Saturday at a spot to be seen, I was seeing spots.

St. Lawrence Market is a meeting place, a hub of activity right downtown, and gosh darn it, the best dang market in the world, according to National Geographic. (The Market has popular T-shirts reiterating this.) At this spot in which to be seen, I kept seeing dots and blobs and spots all over the place.

It started with my own socks, followed closely by my tent neighbour's awesomely hand painted jeans

then a little girl's leggings

then a needle felt mobile from the awesomely-jeaned neighbour

then my own work

What's the significance of this phenomenon? Only the universe knows, and it's not telling.

In other news, the big yellow dot in the sky was shining forth that day, and the temperature was very pleasant. People were out and feeling fine. It was my End of Summer sale, and smart hat shoppers were getting some great bargains.

Maria is taking this pink linen trilby traveling somewhere warm and exotic. So many of my hats become globetrotters.

Jannet Ann liked the pinstripes and Macintosh-y rose cutouts so much she had to have it.

Helen was going to a Gatsby party, so she snapped up one of my Gatsby fascinators. Her friend is Iza, a very sweet seven-year-old Havanese and the daily dog.

Dog break!

Lily! She's a 7-month-old Italian greyhound. Most non-Italian greyhounds seem shy and reserved, but Lily was vivace.

Amid the shadows.

Didn't meet this pair, but couldn't resist taking a picture. Bet I can guess who's the boss between the two of them.

Also ran into one of my favourite neighbours -- Henry, a long-haired Dachshund. He was there with his charming family but spared some kisses for me, which always makes my day.

Okay, dog break is over. Back to actual customers.

Heather wasn't the only one to snap up one of my fabulous sea grass caps, but she was the only one to agree to be snapped doing it. Still my proudest invention of the summer.

And finally, "Natural Wonder" has found its forever home, with Jane. She loves it, and it loves her back. I'm glad they found each other and hope that Jane will get to wear it on many happy occasions for a long time to come.

So that was the hat sale, Day One. Thank you so much to everyone who made my day an excellent one!

I still have some summer hats and caps left, so the sale will continue this Saturday, weather permitting. Tell your friends. Or better yet, bring them yourself!


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