Monday, 21 May 2012

Victorious Day

It's the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada, the unofficial launch of summer.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, as if it was really getting into the spirit of the season!

St. Lawrence Market on Saturday was bustling.  Throngs of people strolling about, enjoying the scene.  Tour buses brought fresh recruits on a regular basis.  I don't know if I've ever seen it so busy, outside of Buskerfest or Woofstock, two crowd-pleasing events on the Market's summer schedule.

Strangely, it was busker-free this time, yet it took me half the day to notice this.  They're mostly quite enjoyable, but it was a pleasant change to not have to yell at people just to be heard above the playing.  Who knows, maybe the Lemonbucket Orkestra is on their way to Romania now.  (Two of my hats are going to be spending part of their year in Italy from now on.  Once again, my hats do more traveling than I do.  Sigh... )

Lots of lovely people came by my hat display, I'm happy to report, and many left with new chapeaux.  So on with the sheau!  (Yes, yes, Spellcheck, leave me alone...)

 Just look at them all!  These are views of the massed hordes from beside and through the tent I share with three other vendors.

Caitlyn in her lovely new hair band.  She likes her some pink.

Helene tried a few hats, but kept coming back to this one.  We'll call it her starter hat and hope to see her again soon.
Lovely Mariana in her new organza cluster band and  a smile that could light up a room.

Pat admired the fascinator I was wearing and I admired her necklace.
Phyllis rocking her new straw braid band.  That's me reflected in her sunglasses taking her picture.
Rae in her new hat...
...and in her new cap.  Thanks, Rae! (If you see this, please email me.  I can't read your email address to send you these photos.)

Sideeka was admiring this sinamay piece last week and came by again.  Stay tuned!
I heard this man saying that his dog loves children and wants to protect them.  What a happy pooch, enjoying the love from his fans.
Still happy.
This adorable guy spent some time next to my table.  Very gentle and sweet.

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