Friday, 3 February 2012

Toast and Jam

My sewing machine was well and truly jammed and if I couldn't fix it, I would have been toast.

Strands of waxed thread were hanging over the machine and got sucked in by the wheel. (Note to self: Do not hang thread over the wheel.) Now, I've cleared plenty of sewing machine jams in my day, but never in this area. I steeled myself and unscrewed the top and side and removed the outer panels. I'd never seen the inside of my machine before. It was very interesting.

Yup, there was a honkin' wodge of thread wrapped around the upper wheel, so I removed it and put the machine back together. It worked, but it still felt jammed, so I looked again. Upper wheel was indeed clear of thread, so I opened the lower panel. There was another honkin' wodge of thread on the lower wheel, as pictured above. I cleared it, and the machine is working much better now, thank you.

I feel like such a Ms. Fix-it! Now I must work on being Ms. Prevent-it.

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