Tuesday, 15 December 2009

401 Redux

Well, it's all over. But it was great while it lasted.

The 401 Richmond Street Holiday Marketplace took place from last Thursday to last Sunday. The weather was quite kind, overall, and the traffic of visitors was excellent. Vendors are invited to participate by residents of the building. I felt very honoured to have been included.

I was pretty nervous about taking part in a sale that lasted four days straight. Long days, too, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on all but the last day, so no time or inclination to make more things for the next day. But as it was, I did have enough hats and smaller fare to last throughout, without having my display look sadly diminished at the end. Good thing I began preparing for the holiday season well in advance this year! Yay, brain! Sometimes it really functions well!

Did I mention that I helped decorate the joint, too? Because I did! Under the expert supervision of Carol Greaves, set dresser by vocation, awe-inspiring accessories creator (and vintage ephemera dealer) by avocation. It was a good way to get familiar with the somewhat convoluted main floor of the building, and to collect smiles and compliments. I'm a sucker for those, I admit it.

So here are some images of this wonderful sale. Make sure you watch for it for next year. It's a great shopping experience for anyone.

Pictured, from the top:
My table
Decorated railing
Carol's table
Our tribute to Cristo. (Just because it's wrapped, you know? Like he does?)
Janet Bike Girl, rocking her new rusty bucket hat
Mary-Ann Jelonek, jams and woolies wallah
Kathie Young, Phoenix Arts Group

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