Monday, 31 August 2009


Buskerfest has just ended. For you non-Torontonians, Buskerfest is a four-day festival in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood where performers from around the world perform in the blocked-off streets. It's been going on for ten years now. There are stiltwalkers, clowns (more Cirque du Soleil than Ringling Bros.), acrobats and aerialists, amazing contraptions and tiny dancers, people who like playing with fire, puppeteers and magicians, and more. They put on shows that last about fifteen minutes, varying their performance spaces around the street, then pass the hat for donations. It was my first Buskerfest as a vendor and so much fun just being there, Friday's crummy weather notwithstanding. I felt like such a carnie! (Carny?)

I had some lovely new customers and visitors to my hat display, as well. Like lil Kendra, pictured here. And Judit who bought her friend Sharona my black and white plaid bucket hat for her birthday. My hat will soon be off to live in Israel! A few weeks ago a blue one went to live in Italy. Hats By Anne goes international!

And Darla, she of the "Many Hatty Returns" blog.

Come see some pictures from this special weekend


  1. Hi Anne, I mentioned you on my blog, lots of love your way, keep up the amazing work :)

  2. Thank you, my fierce friend!