Sunday, 15 January 2017

National Hat Day Block Party

It's National Hat Day!

In honour of this august occasion, you wear a hat.

Here's me doing that with a special one I finished recently.

I'm extra proud of this one, because I also made the blocks on which the steamed felt is molded.

I taught myself, too, using glued, stacked layers of styrofoam sheet insulation, and carving them. Real block makers use wood. Would that I had a wood shop, I would, too.

The blocks performed very well!

Millinery is so much better when power tools enter into it somehow. Or at least setting up the Workmate bench. Preferably both. Can't wait to make more!

Grrrr... (power-tool-using growl)


  1. Fabulous block! Did you cover the styrofoam with anything? I've used wood putty over styrofoam before & it worked well.

  2. Wonderful! I see hat blocks at Brimfield occasionally. I love them but they are pricey. Your result with your hand made block is gorgeous!